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The Electrical Workers’ Union Vestland organizes workers within the electrical installation companies in Vestland county. We have approx. 3,800 members divided into approx. 220 companies. For a large proportion of the members, the National Agreement for the Electrical Professions applies as a collective agreement.

The collective agreement gives you as an employee many rights in terms of pay and working conditions. We help all our members in work-related matters and can give you advice regarding your employment relationship, regardless of whether the company has entered into a collective agreement with us or not.

We also offer other member benefits through LO Favør, including banking, insurance, experiences and travel. The trade union also offers its members legal consultation in private matters and a medical fund for you and your lovely family.

Contact us for more information at firmapost@elogitbergen.com or on tel. 55 55 36 60. One of our employees speaks Polish and can answer directly in your native language if desired.

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